Is this how this works?

I'm sitting here at my desk (which is a stainless steel prep table) in the back office/kitchen of the Juice Cellar in Belfast Maine. This is command outpost number one for me; command center is my desk at home. From here I am writing what I hope will be the first of many blog posts. I'll try to give them some direction but I'll be perfectly honest - I have no idea what direction quite yet. There are so many things that occupy my time and mind, so many ambitions, hopes, dreams, goals, that I can sometimes suffer from a touch of overstimulation stasis. But like many things for me, I have been analyzing and understanding this problem (a more desirable one than most) and implementing an action plan for dealing with it. Part of that action plan is articulating what it is I want to do and think about; making lists, checking things off, getting organized. So maybe a part of this blog will be about helping you (the fine reader) to analyze your own situation and implement your own solutions. Sometimes it helps to watch someone else go through the process to see what you can do better, and what shitty steps you can skip over.

trueselfSo without further ado, I welcome you to post number one of "The Everythingist" - My blog about life, time, and moving toward authentic happiness.. Let's see what happens!