Where The Magic Happens


I want to help people out. But I'm just a guy going through life - I need help too! I gave it a lot of thought before making a blog - or recording myself blabbering for a podcast - maybe too much thought! Despite it seeming at times presumptuous, I decided that my little soapbox is worth it.

Putting yourself out there can be really uncomfortable. Real people are reading the things you write, and listening to the things you say, and have some valid reasons to disagree, and pick you apart. You can spend a lot of time second guessing yourself. But at the end of the day, if you don't get out there, you'll never get where you're going!

So if you're considering taking a leap of faith - If you're considering doing something that your intuition is calling you toward - If you're considering climbing out of your comfort zone - I would say do it. It might be grindy at first, it might be grindy for a while! But you're going to be better for it; and that experience will make the next time you step out on the ledge a little less terrifying.