Creative versus analytical thinking

Things get done in a lot of different ways. Sometimes you have to think big, think outside the box, and be wildly creative. Sometimes you have to knuckle down, focus on the details, and grind out the "boring stuff." Sometimes you're lucky, and you genuinely enjoy working on both sides of the equation. If you're not, you can probably learn to be.


A lot of people come up with great ideas but struggle with execution. They'll invent the next app or come up with the perfect business idea only to falter when it comes to bringing the product or service to life. It makes sense. Having a great business idea is fun. Writing a business plan might not be. Thinking of an app that links people with the nearest group of partiers in their neighborhood is fun. Getting down to coding, design, scaling, and marketing might not be.

But a lot of the time it's not that those things are impossible or even that difficult; they simply require a certain amount of dedication, resolve, ingenuity, and perseverance. They also require a sense of direction. The next time you have great business idea, write it down. But then go on this incredible thing we have access to called the internet and read about how to write a business plan. Read about how to go from ideation to execution. Read about real world examples of people who have achieved these feats and try to mimic their process.

Focus on your strengths and develop your weaknesses. If you're a creative, work on Excel documents and forecasting. If you're an analyst work on logo design and innovative marketing campaign ideas. Even if you wind up outsourcing or hiring for those roles, it is invaluable to have put some time in understanding them. When the going gets tough, reach out for help. It's amazing the amount of resources we have at our disposal if we're willing to ask. Talk to local business leaders, others in your field who have made it happen, and remember to keep on doing it every single day. Nothing big happens overnight.

Whichever side of your brain you emphasize, remember that just because you're good at one thing doesn't mean that you can't be good at another. At the end of the day you've got a whole mind and you don't have to pigeonhole yourself. It's ok, even great to specialize in something, but it's important to broaden your horizons as well and work on the sides of things you normally wouldn't. Especially as an entrepreneur!