Let Yourself Suck


Today I recorded my very first (attempt at a) podcast. I've been listening to a bunch of great podcasts lately while pressing juices or taking walks or on long drives - Tim Ferriss interviewing every awesome person you can think of, the infamous Serial, a great one by Alex Blumberg called Startup, some obscure business podcasts, Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income - and I just realized I wanted to jump into this game. I feel like I have something of value to say - not to everyone - but to someone, and looking at the remarkable response some of these guys get, I just think I'll be able to help somebody out - even if it's only myself at first!

But I also understand that what I just produced pretty much sucks. I think it has to. I think you have to just jump in and start swimming, give yourself some stakes, or else you'll just go through life saying I could have or I should have. So If anyone thinks my podcast sucks, you're probably right - but I'm going to work at it and who knows, maybe one day I'll wake up and find that it doesn't completely suck, and I'm actually getting somewhere!

PS - Here is the image which I'm waxing philosophic about in the podcast 🙂